Motorist has anti-Daniel Andrews plates cancelled by VicRoads

A motorist has demanded answers after road authorities rejected his new registration plates because they take a cheeky swipe at Labor premier .

VicRoads cancelled his ‘DANOUT’ plates just days out from the state election as the Premier battles to convince voters to give him and his Labor government a third consecutive term.

Peter was bewildered to learn his new plates he’d already paid and registered for were ‘offensive’, especially when his other plates RUDDUD – in reference to former prime minister Kevin Rudd – were previously approved and are still used to this day.

‘Freedom of speech obviously not allowed in Victoria,’ he told 3AW drive host Tom Elliott on Monday.

The controversial number plates (pictured) were paid for and registered before they were deemed ‘offensive’ by VicRoads

Peter said he was offered a refund for the cancelled plates.


Is the number plate DANOUT offensive?

Is the number plate DANOUT offensive?

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  • Only in Victoria 34 votes

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‘I dunno, I’ll have to do something different now,’ he said.

‘I’m very annoyed. I don’t know how I’ve got away with all these years since 2008 with the plates RUDDUD.’

‘I’ve still got them. I’ll tell you, back in 08, they were a big hit in Canberra.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted VicRoads for comment.

Elliott and many listeners didn’t believe the plates were offensive.

‘What is this state coming to? What is so offensive about this? If these kinds of things are so offensive to Dan and band of followers then why don’t they ban all the political ads? I bet if the plate read DANIN it wouldn’t have been an issue?,’ one woman commented.

The registration plates were cancelled days out from the state election. Pictured is Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews with wife Catherine

Others urged Peter to contest the decision.

‘If those plates were so offensive, they shouldn’t have been granted in the first place. I’d fight it,’ one woman wrote.

Another added: ‘Reregister the car, but KEEP the plates, could be worth a quid later on.’

Before they were cancelled, slot in1play photos of the offending plates on a Holden Commodore plastered with Sack Daniel Andrews and save Victoria stickers did the rounds in Melbourne and have since gone viral.

‘The perfect license plate doesn’t exi… oh wait. F*** GOLD!’ a Victorian crime Facebook page posted.

Fellow Victorians have urged the motorist to contest VicRoads’ decision